Create Amazing Word Clouds with amCharts 4.1.10

Visualizing frequency of words or popularity of tags in a chart known as WordCloud is a great way to emphasize certain aspects of your texts or data. amCharts 4.1.10 includes a brand new powerful plugin for creating amazing animated interactive Word Clouds. You can learn how to get started with amCharts WordCloud in the Anatomy […]

Create Sunburst Diagrams with amCharts 4.1.6

The just released version 4.1.6 of amCharts 4 adds a plugin enabling you to create Sunburst diagrams: Sunburst diagrams represent hierarchical relational data in a circular chart. They look similar to nested donut charts, however, the hierarchical nature of the Sunburst means that each level represents detalization of the previous one. In other words, children […]

Multi-panel-like charts with amCharts 4

amCharts supported multiple value axes since the early versions. “Classic” multi-value-axis chart positions axes next to each other: With amCharts 4 you can take multi-axis charts to the next level by spreading axes vertically or horizontally: You achieve this by simply setting chart.leftAxesContainer.layout = “vertical” in the example above. Or chart.bottomAxesContainer.layout = “horizontal”; in the […]