Create Sunburst Diagrams with amCharts 4.1.6

The just released version 4.1.6 of amCharts 4 adds a plugin enabling you to create Sunburst diagrams:

See the Pen Sunburst-demo by amCharts team (@amcharts) on CodePen.0

Sunburst diagrams represent hierarchical relational data in a circular chart. They look similar to nested donut charts, however, the hierarchical nature of the Sunburst means that each level represents detalization of the previous one. In other words, children slices on each level comprise the whole of the parent slice.

Check out the Anatomy of a Sunburst Diagram to learn all you need to know about Sunburst diagrams in amCharts 4 and get the latest version to get started.

Change log for versions 4.1.3 to 4.1.6


  • New plugin chart type: Sunburst!
  • New Sprite adapter: criticalError. Takes Error object as an argument. Modify it’s message property.
  • New property contextMenuDisabled (default false) added to Sprite. If set to true it will prevent context menu (such as one displayed on right click) from displayed.
  • DateAxis.gridInterval accessor added. Returns current grid interval.


  • Setting data on ColorSet will now automatically reset iterator.


  • Export was somewhat broken in Angular apps or pages with <base> since 4.1.5.
  • DateAxis was not positioning elements properly when spanning switch to/from daylight savings time.
  • valign property of the horizontal axis labels now work properly.
  • "rightclick" event was essentially not working.
  • Angular with router enabled were breaking charts in Safari and older Firefox.
  • Calling useTheme() with the same theme multiple times used to cause that theme applied multiple times as well.
  • Sometimes ValueAxis would not zoom-out to show new selected range when data was updated.
  • Sometimes axis fills were not visible after zoom-in / zoom-out.
  • totalPercent was not properly calculated with negative values.
  • ExportMenu items will be revalidated if data of the chart is updated. This helps avoid missing “Data” export items in menu if data is loaded later than the chart itself.
  • In stacked axes setup axis tooltips were shown in wrong positions.
  • Preloader was not always shown when needed.
  • JavaScript error when hovering cursor over missing data items fixed.
  • TreeMap data change performance improved.
  • Horizontal ZoomControl (layout = "horizontal") button text vertical align fix.
  • Accellerated panning of zoomed-in axis problem fixed.