Create Hyperbolic Trees, Packed Bubbles, Mind Maps, Network Diagrams, and other force-directed charts with amCharts 4.3.8

The recent update to amCharts 4 comes with a ForceDirectedTree plugin that lets you create a bunch of new and exciting chart types.

See the Pen Force-directed network by Alan Mendelevich (@ailon) on CodePen.0

Force-Directed Tree is a special kind of chart used to display of multi-item data related in a hierarchical, linear or mixed way, as a series of linked bubbles.

You can find more demos of force-directed charts created with amCharts 4 here, here, here and here.

Learn the ropes of how to create your own amazing force-directed tree charts in this exhaustive article in the documentation.

And download the latest version of amCharts 4 to start experimenting.