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Gapless Date Axis, Time Zones, and More in amCharts 5.1

amCharts 5.1 has just gone live and it adds several key features in addition to bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Gapless Date Axis

Gapless Date Axis

If you have date-based data that has substantial gaps in it (like nights, weekends, holidays, etc.) you will appreciate GaplessDateAxis. It combines the best of what regular DateAxis can offer (like data grouping and date formatting) with no-nonsense (aka not showing what’s not in the data) approach of the CategoryAxis.

GaplessDataAxis is a drop-in replacement for DateAxis, meaning they have the same API and can be used interchangeably. Learn more about GaplessDateAxis in the documentation and check out the demo.

Time Zones

Displaying of time-based information can now be adjusted to a specific time zone. Check the docs for details.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Find out about other improvements in amCharts v5.1 in the official changelog.

Get It Now!

Head over to the Download section of our website for all the ways to start using version 5.1.

amCharts 5.1 is a free upgrade for all amCharts 5 license holders.