amCharts 5 is here!

We’ve been hard at work slicing, dicing, mixing, and seasoning. Then we put our creation in the oven. And now the timer has beeped and the freshly cooked amCharts 5 are ready for your consumption!

The one charting library to rule them all

amCharts 5 is a library that covers all your charting needs in one simple, yet extremely powerful, performant, and lightweight package. From classic line and bar charts to advanced Sankey and Chord diagrams, Funnel charts, Treemaps and Heatmaps. And did we mention Geo maps?

Canvas rendering ensures top-notch performance – on another level from what was achievable before. Our internal objects are extremely lightweight now, ensuring speedy data processing and low memory footprint.

Whether you are developing a simple brochure-like website with HTML and JavaScript and need stunning charts to take it to another level or working on a massively complex web application in React, Vue, Angular or another framework, and need top notch feature set, flexibility, and performance, amCharts 5 has you covered.

See and try it for yourself

Enough trying to describe a beautiful picture with a thousand words. Just head over to our demos section and see amCharts 5 for yourself.

Then head to downloads and choose the most appropriate way to get started enhancing your web creation.

Spread the word and let us know what you think!