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amCharts 5 Beta is available now!

amCharts 5 Beta

Regardless of which version of amCharts library you are currently using, we have an update for you: amCharts 5 Beta is available for immediate use now.

amCharts 5 is a natural successor to previous versions, and is better in a lot of ways:

Blindingly fast

amCharts 5 uses canvas technology to deliver crisp charts, quickly. It also uses lightweight data objects, to minimize memory footprint and save on processing time. Animations are silky smooth, delivered at tens of frames per second.

Super light-weight

For JavaScript users the core binary package is just around 400K.

TypeScript and framework developers will appreciate how well tree-shaking works.


amCharts 5 is the best data-viz library for dashboards, since they initialize very quickly.

Having a lot of charts in your dashboard will not bog down the browser anymore.

New chart types

We’ve added new chart types, too.

Pack, Tree, Partition, and full-fledged drillable Sunburst Diagram among others.

Get started with amCharts 5 now!

For more information, demos, links, documentation, and downloads, click the button above, or visit amCharts 5 intro page.

Try it out, but remember: it’s a Beta. If you find any bugs, ping us or file an issue in GitHub repo.

Now, boring stuff about licenses…

Do you have an amCharts license?

If you’ve bought App/SaaS, OEM, or Extended OEM license for amCharts 4 on or after September 1st, 2020, or have an active amPlus subscription to go with your license, the upgrade is yours. Free. No strings attached.

If your license is older, or have a Single website license, upgrading to amCharts 5 is as easy as renewing your amPlus subscription.

No license yet?

If you don’t have any license at all, grab one for amCharts 4 from our Online store and enjoy free immediate upgrade to amCharts 5.

Not sure?

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for a free upgrade, or want to purchase a renewal for amPlus, try logging into our Support area and checking My Downloads section, or simply email us at and we’ll figure it out for you.