Add Chart Editing To Your Web Apps With amCharts Editor 4

amCharts Editor version 4.0 is out now! amCharts Editor 4 enables you to integrate a powerful WYSIWYG chart configuration tool into your web applications. End-users and developers alike can now create and modify advanced charts without writing a line of code.

Key features of the amCharts Editor 4:

  • Integrates with your CMS
  • Create chart objects, edit their properties and data
  • Supports most common chart types
  • Powerful and beautiful templates
  • Theme presets

Read more about amCharts Editor 4 and get it here. You can also play with the live demo here.

Introductory offer

Until the end of 2020 you can get a license for amCharts Editor 4 with a 50% discount. Head to our online store to take advantage of this offer.