amCharts 3

amCharts 3 is a previous version of amCharts products.

amCharts 3 was around for 4 years. It was time for something new. While still being supported amCharts 3 is being phased out in favor of amCharts 4 – the completely new data-viz library.

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This page serves as a central point for information that is still relevant to amCharts 3 users.

amCharts 3 resources


amCharts 3 class reference and tutorials under one website.

All of the amCharts 3 related documentation is now collected in one searchable website.

Visit amCharts 3 Documentation website amCharts 3 accessibility


amCharts 3 demos are still available for you to experiment with.

You can learn a great deal from just looking at a sample code. Use demo controls to change settings, view source code directly on the page, or open them in CodePen or jsFiddle.

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Stock Chart

Stock chart
Display large amounts of financial and other date-based data.

Adaptively visualize your data. Enhance UX by making use of such awesome advanced features as adaptive data granularity, multiple synced panels, data set comparison and many more.

Since amCharts 4 does not yet support Stock Chart, this product might be a good option for displaying your financial data.

More info about Stock Chart

amCharts 3 FAQ

Availability and support

How much longer will amCharts 3 will remain available?

At this point we do not have any plans on making downloads, CDN, or documentation for amCharts 3 unavailable.

How long are you planning on supporting amCharts 3?

We will continue making bug fixes until end of 2019.

Technical support will be provided until end of 2020.


I have amCharts 3 license. Am I entitled to a free amCharts 4 upgrade?

If you have bought an App/SaaS or OEM license for any of the amCharts 3 on or after 2016, you are entitled to a matching amCharts 4 license.

(Buyer’s of the Single website license might require to purchase an upgrade)

Earlier licenses can be upgraded for a price.

Since there are no separate products in amCharts 4 – everything is included into a single library – any amCharts 3 product can be upgraded to amCharts 4.

On-line Tools based on amCharts 3

Live Editor

Live Editor

Create charts online.

Choose from tens of pre-defined templates. Import your data. Change any configuration property using intuitive user interface. Publish or embed them. Without writing a single line of code.

Launch Live Editor

Pixel Map Generator

Pixel Map Generator

Create beautiful interactive maps.

Use a very simple-to-use interface to create eye-capturing maps. Export them as image or config for JavaScript maps.

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Visited Countries Tool

Visited Countries & States Map

Quickly create maps of places you’ve been to.

Easy interface lets you select countries or U.S. states you have visited, then share them by link, Facebook, Twitter or embed into your website.

Countries US States

Weather Map

We’ve built an interactive weather map for you to use, take inspiration or build upon.

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Inspiration Gallery

Take a look at what we have done with just some of the charts. Get inspired. Awe your customers.

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Plugins & Add-Ons for amCharts 3

Plugins for Charts and Maps

Enhance your charts and maps with a number of plugins developed by amCharts team.

List available plugins

Map Packs

Additional map packs are available for all buyers of JavaScript maps license. Get county maps for states of the U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as numerous versions of continental and regional maps.

WordPress Plugin

Constantly updated and supported plugin for the most popular web publishing system. Easily embed charts and maps into your WP posts and pages.

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Implementations, wrappers & framework components for amCharts 3

React Component

Use amCharts product on React framework with our official component.

More info and downloads on GitGub

Angular2 Directive

For Angular2 users, our official Directive is available.

More info and downloads on GitGub