Our new web site

It’s a bit more than a week since we launched our new web site. We were and still are doing some polishing, but we think that the time to shout loud about it has come. What’s new We are really proud of this web site – it demonstrates features of our products well, it was […]

3.4.0: Auto-wrapping, scrolling with mouse wheel

V 3.4.0 of our JavaScript and Stock charts was released today. Users of free license will be happy, as they’ll be able to adjust position of a link to amCharts.com web site, scrolling with mouse wheel added, wrapping of category axis labels and some more cool features were added in this version. Full list of […]

Show us your charts!

We are redesigning our site and we’d like to show best charts made by our users in it. That’s why we’d like to ask – if you have an interesting  implementation of charts or maps, we’d like to see it and show it for the world. Meanwhile check these beautiful charts made for weather forecast: […]

3.3.0: Introducing themes for amCharts and amMap

Version 3.3.0 of our charting packages and version 3.8.0 of our mapping package supports themes. This means that instead of setting every property for each graph or axis or any other object, you can set new defaults in a theme file. This will make devs’ life a lot easier! Check this tutorial to get more info about working with […]

3.2.0: Exporting charts as image, PDF & SVG

Since V 3.2.0 of our charts and V 3.7.0 of maps you can give your charts a way to escape out your browser and be a part of your file system. We added a possibility to export charts as an image. This works on all modern browsers except IE9 (works fine with IE10). This tutorial […]

3.2.0: Create charts using JSON

Since v 3.2.0 all charts and maps can now be created from JSON, instead of JavaScript API. This means you might store chart configuration in a simple JSON object and use it whenever you need. This tutorial explains how you should use this feature. We also recommend checking samples folder of the downloaded package – […]

3.1.0: Introducing patterns and hand-drawn style

Before reading this, we suggest visiting this page and checking the charts we created to inspire you. Were you surprised? We are sure you were! With v 3.1.0 of our charts and v 3.6.0 of maps, we introduced support of patterns and hand-drawn style. These features will allow you making your charts even more stunning! […]

3.0.0: What’s New?

Pardon us if this will seem a bit out of blue, but we’re proud to announce that we have just released a version 3 of our JavaScript Charts and JavaScript Stock Charts libraries. Read on to see what’s new. Upgrade notes are at the end of this article. New chart types Funnel / Pyramid chart. Check […]

Success Story: MailChimp uses amCharts

When it comes to email communications with clients the de facto go-to service all over the world is MailChimp. Here at amCharts we also been loyally using MailChimp’s excellent no-nonsense service for quite some time now. That’s why we were delighted to learn that MailChimp reciprocated by employing our JavaScript charting libraries in their reports […]