Responsive Layout Control with amCharts 4.2

Today we have released amCharts 4.2 which, among other things, includes new responsive layout features. Read all about responsive layout in amCharts 4 in this document.

Another highly requested feature is the ability to export multiple charts at once.

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Complete Changelog for versions 4.1.11 – 4.2.0


  • Added read-only property of CategoryAxis: frequency. Indicates every X label is shown.
  • Added JSON example of Candle stick chart (json/candlestick-series).
  • New Export property: extraSprites. May contain a list of references to other Sprites (e.g. external legend or even other chart) to attach to exported image. More info.
  • Experimental responsive features and default rules are now active. More info.
  • New Tooltip proprety: keepTargetHover – will make target element hovered as long as its tooltip is hovered, good for bullets and map images.
  • New Tooltip proprety: targetSprite – contains reference to element this tooltip is displayed for, if any.
  • New PictorialStackedSeries properties: startLocation and endLocation – allow setting relative start and end positions of the shape to fill.
  • New FunnelSeries/PyramidSeries/PictorialStackedSeries property: labelsOpposite – allows controlling which side of the series to show labels when alignLabels = true.


  • Accessibility: Default role of the Legend’s item containers was changed to “switch”.
  • Hiding or showing an element will now automatically set its readerHidden attribute accordingly.
  • On MapPolygon default value of nonScalingStroke is now set to true (as false).
  • When calculating font size for a word on a WordCloud chart it now uses smaller side of the series area instead of height.
  • Tooltip‘s label paddingBottom default value changed from 6 to 4 pixels for better centering of text.
  • Default value of minFontSize in WordCloudSeries to 2%.
  • Default value of maxFontSize in WordCloudSeries to 20%.
  • Label sizing algorithm updated in WordCloudSeries.


  • Accessibility: Legend’s containers when toggling items were setting value of aria-checked incorrectly.
  • JSON: Using children with an array value was duplicating elements.
    Working around a bug with Angular’s dead code elimination in --prod mode.
  • Fixed ValueAxis issue with animation when there’s only single data item.
  • Sometimes axis ticks on a chart with a lot of data/series were not positioned properly.
  • Sometimes baseInterval = "year" on a DateAxis could cause stack overflow.