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Support for users without subsciption

As much as we would love to help each and everyone, we simply do not have such capacity.

There still are some options available for you.

Acquire a license or support package

Before anything else, why not consider acquiring an amCharts license with support included (App/SaaS license is $1,200) or standalone support package ($450 per year) and gaining instant access to our awesome support team?

Purchase a license Purchase support for $450/y.

Not convinced? Read more about the benefits of our priority support.

Before you ask

I know you’ve heard this before, but… check the docs. If you can’t find what you need in main articles section, try tutorials. There are a lot of tutorials on a variety of topics, each one with detailed explanations, code snippets and live demos. Seriously, we have both basic and pretty crazy stuff there, so chances are, you might find what you are looking for readily available there.

Post your question on StackOverflow

StackOverflow is an online community visited by thousands of seasoned and beginning developers, ready to help each other on various topics, including amCharts.

Post your amCharts question there, and get it answered within few days. For best results, make sure you adhere to StackOverflow posting guidelines.

Use amCharts GitHub issues

If you have a question, or if you think you found a bug, check out issues in amCharts 5 GitHub and amCharts 4 GitHub repositories. It’s read by fellow amCharts users, who may have had a similar challenge and will be willing to share their solution.

If it’s not there, post a new issue, especially if it looks like a bug. Some gracious soul might be willing to help you.

No dice?

Not a client, yet, but facing one last hurdle before becoming one? Email us at We’ll do our best to get you there.