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Support for paying customers

For our most valuable customers – owners of amCharts SaaS or OEM license or amPlus subscribers – we have a support team of skilled technicians available, virtually around the clock.

For more information about capabilities and benefits of amCharts support service, read here.

Choose one of the options below to contact us.

Contact us by email

Simply email us at

But before you do, make sure your email address is associated with an order, so that we automatically know the request is coming from a valuable customer, and avoid any delays.

Associate your email with an order

Use web interface

Web interface is available via our Support Center.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to register for an account there. Once logged in, follow the links.

You may also need to associate your email address with an order, so that all tickets, created via web interface are automatically bumped up to highest priority.

Associate your email with an order