Support & Downloads Info


Certain amCharts services are provided only to paying customers.

For example accessing commercial downloads, or receiving technical support.

To access these functions, an account’s email needs to be associated with an existing amCharts order.

Users, who possess amCharts order info can invite their colleagues to be covered by their order benefits, using “Invite feature” of Support Center.

I have received and invite

Good. One of your colleagues has invited you to join the team.

All you need to do, is click on the link in the invitation email. You don’t even need to register at

Once you confirm the invitation, you will be entitled to a free priority support in amCharts helpdesk. Just email us at and we’ll know it’s you.

And, if you you choose to register for an account, your association will carry over.

I want to invite people to be covered by my purchase

First of all, verify if your order is listed in your “My Orders” page. If it’s not, you may need to add it.

Once you find a correct order in the list, simply click “Invite users” button next to it.

On the form that will open, enter your colleagues’ emails (each address in a new line) and hit “Invite”.

Emails away. Your colleagues will receive emails, asking them to join your account.

Once they confirm the invitation, they’re covered by whatever benefits your order offers, such as free priority support.