How to use the Support Center

I have bought the license, now what?

Regardless if you are already using the free version of our libraries, or just starting from the scratch, you will need to download the commercial version of the product you just purchased in order to start using it. You can only do so via out Support area. Read on to find out how to use it.

Support area is the place to:

  • Manage your orders
  • Download commercial versions of amCharts libraries and source code (the latter is for OEM licensees only)
  • Put in support requests and read the answers from amCharts support staff

Registering and Signing In

In order to start using Support area you will need to log in. The easiest way to do so is to use your already existing Google or Facebook account to log in. Once you click on the respective social network button you will just need to confirm your choice. You know the drill.

You can also register directly with us. (click on Register link)  You will need to provide your email address which we will send your temporary password to.

Once registered, you can use your email address and the password to log into Support area.

Managing Your Orders (My Orders)

Any orders you have with us will be shown in My Orders section. Please note that orders associated with the same email address you used to register at will show up here automatically.

If you used different email address for your order, you will need to link such orders to your account manually. You will find a tool to do so at the bottom of the My Order page.

To link an order to your account, enter Order reference ID as well as email address used for that order.

Adding new order

Download Commercial Software (My Downloads)

This area will contain all the latest downloads available as per your orders.

If there are no files listed here, it means you have no orders associated with your account. (see My Orders section above)

All the newest versions will appear here. Make sure you check back in here whenever you want to upgrade.

If you are currently using free versions of our libraries, the only thing you need to do in order to start using commercial ones is to download the respective library and replace .js files you’re currently using with the downloaded ones from the Support area.

Receiving Support (My Tickets)

Feeling stuck? The Knowledge Base and Class reference do not help? Use My Tickets or Submit Support Request links to communicated directly with amCharts support staff.

This section can be used by any amCharts user – even if you don’t have any orders with us.

Of course, paid customers with active amPlus™ subscriptions will be served first. However, we will most definitely respond to your request. We pride ourselves on our 100% response rate.

To submit new request, simply click the Submit Support Request link in the left-hand menu:

Submitting a new support request