Type module


Items from Adapter can be imported/included and used via following ways.

 * --------------------------------------------------------
 * Import via: Adapter.ts
 * Access items like: $adapter.myVariable
 *                    $adapter.myFunction()
 * --------------------------------------------------------
import * as $adapter from "@amcharts/amcharts4/Adapter";



Type GlobalAdapter

Default new GlobalAdapter()

A global Adapter for plugins that want to add specific functionality for any chart, not just specific instance.

If you want to add an adapter which applies to all instances of the same object type, like, for instance all slices in PieSeries, you can use global adapter.

Global adapter is a system-wide instance, accessible via globalAdapter.

am4core.globalAdapter.addAll<am4charts.IPieSeriesAdapters, am4charts.PieSeries, "fill">(am4charts.PieSeries, "fill", (value, target, key) => {
  return am4core.color("#005500");
am4core.globalAdapter.addAll(am4charts.PieSeries, "fill", (value, target, key) => {
  return am4core.color("#005500");

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Adapter does not have any functions.