Legend markers as checkboxes

Type demo

By default legend displays its markers as squares or mini versions of series. This demo shows how we can replace them with checkboxes.

Plugin: Overlap Buster (experimental)

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can use OverlapBuster plugin (available since version 4.6.2) to make overlapping items such as bullets, map markers, or just about any other element “explode” to sides when hovered, for easy access to them NOTE OverlapBuster is a plugin. For information about using plugins, refer to this article. Disclaimer Please […]

Plugin: Bullets

Type tutorial

“Bullets” is a collection of configurable shapes (stars, pins, flags, etc.) that you can use as chart bullets, map markers, and anywhere else. Availability Bullets plugin is available since amCharts 4 version 4.5.7. Including the module Before you can use this plugin you need to make sure you include it. If you are using it […]

Non-standard legend alignment

Type tutorial

You can use position to place chart Legend on top, bottom, left, or right. In all those cases, Legend will center across the edge it is placed on. This tutorial will show some other alignment options. Left and right positions When legend position is set to either “left” or “right”, it is aligned vertically to […]

Toggling series via API

Type tutorial

Need to toggle series on and off via code? This short tutorial will show how. Hiding or showing Series in amCharts is a Sprite object. And just like any Sprite object, it can be toggled off by calling its hide() method, and shown back on by show(). That is it. You just call the respective […]

Truncating legend labels

Type tutorial

Sometimes chart legend can get out of control size-wise, especially if you have long labels. This tutorial will show how you can get it back in check by capping the length of its labels. The problem Long labels will bloat up legend size. This is especially prominent where chart size is not very big: Even […]

Alternated axis fills

Type tutorial

This short tutorial will show how you can make your XY chart more readable by introducing a fill between each second set of grid lines. Enabling axis fills We’ll let you in on a secret: each axis is already filling the space between each second set of its grid lines. You just can’t see it […]

Overriding series’ tooltip fill color

Type tutorial

Normally, a Tooltip that is displayed when you hover or touch a series’ item – slice, column, etc. – is colored the same way as the related object. This quick tutorial will show you how to override that color. To turn off “inheritance” of color from related object, we can set getFillFromObject = falseĀ for the […]