Axis labels at arbitrary values on GaugeChart

Type demo

Normally, an axis on a GaugeChart will place labels at convenient intervals – so they are not too crammed and not too sparse. It will depend on actual chart size. However, in some case you might want to place labels at exact values, no matter what. This demo will show how you can disable axis […]

Customizing ClockHand

Type demo

This demo shows how we can customize GaugeChart hand by pushing literally any element into it, e.g. Triangle to replace the tip an and SVG Image to replace pin.

Show only first and last labels on Gauge Chart

Type tutorial

This quick tutorial will explain how you can limit your Gauge chart axis to showing only its first and last labels. The problem Normally, a Gauge chart axis will show a number of intermediate labels. But what if we want to show only the first and last one? Solution #1 There’s a trick: set axis […]