Adding worksheets to Excel export

Type demo

This demo will show how you can add additional worksheets to the data being exported to XLSX format. For more information on how to modify Excel workbook being exported, please refer to the SheetJS docs.

Donut with radial gradient

Type demo

Normally, Pie Chart supports radial gradients only. This demo shows a clever trick with events that modify linear gradient rotation, enabling use of this type of fill on slices.

Automatically resize label to fit donut inner radius

Type demo

The inner space of a donut chart is a place that can store some information. However, donut itself being sized relatively, might render that information not fitting. This demo shows how it’s possible to resize the label inside donut to always fit the inner radius.

Dealing with PieChart labels that don’t fit

Type tutorial

We’ve all been there: creating a Pie chart with labels a tad too long to fit. This tutorial lists a few things you can do to work around it. The problem The PieChart does not measure and resize actual diagram based on the length and quantity of labels. It’s by design, because doing so would […]

Custom external legend

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use some custom code executed on chart load to build completely custom but interactive HTML-based legend for our chart.

Display tooltip on PieChart slice click

Type demo

Normally, tooltips on PieChart slices are shown when they are hovered by a cursor. This demo will show how we can disable this default behavior and only show tooltip when slice is tapped or clicked.

Legend markers as checkboxes

Type demo

By default legend displays its markers as squares or mini versions of series. This demo shows how we can replace them with checkboxes.