Adding worksheets to Excel export

Type demo

This demo will show how you can add additional worksheets to the data being exported to XLSX format. For more information on how to modify Excel workbook being exported, please refer to the SheetJS docs.

Multiple cursor tooltips on scatter chart

Type tutorial

Normally, XYCursor, if added to a chart will try to show a tooltip for each series for the hovered date or category. This does not work for charts that have both X and Y axes as ValueAxis. This tutorial will show how we can fix that. The problem Say, we have an XYChart with three […]

Show stack total in CategoryAxis

Type demo

This demo shows how we can create a separate Series with label bullets to show stack total right to a CategoryAxis label.

A simple Histogram chart

Type demo

This demo shows how we can take an array of plain values, and build a Histogram chart – a distribution of values as a column series.