Multi-series shared tooltip with colored bullets

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use an adapter for series’ tooltipText property, in-line text formatting, and cursor’s maxTooltipDistance to build a single universal tooltip that displays values from all series, complete with colored bullets. For more information, make sure you visit related tutorials for mentioned functionality: Adapters In-line string formatting Limiting number of series […]

Custom external legend

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use some custom code executed on chart load to build completely custom but interactive HTML-based legend for our chart.

Show column tooltip on category hover

Type demo

This demo shows how we have use “over” and “out” events on axis labels as well as chart cursor’s triggerMove() method to trigger tooltips on columns of the hovered category label.

Simulating individual order of columns within categories

Type demo

This demo will show how you can simulate an order of columns from different ColumnSeries within each category. It uses the following things to achieve it: Each ColumnSeries has clustered = false set so that it always takes up the whole width of the “hidden” categories. Data is manipulated so that each category contains only […]

Clickable chart thumbnails

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use a custom function to defer chart instantiation and replace them with a thumbnail, which once clicked would be automatically replaced with a real chart.

Generating static charts

Type tutorial

Some dashboards require charts in them to be fully interactive. Some don’t. Sometimes we wish to churn out charts to the screen as as quick as possible, and with as little memory footprint as possible. This tutorial will walk through the process of generating static SVG for charts using a single chart template. Dynamic vs. […]

Trigger a replay of the chart initial animations

Type demo

Most of the elements on a chart – e.g. series or chart itself – have appear() method. Calling it will re-play whatever animation was played when the chart was first loaded, for example series morphing into place. This demo showcases this functionality.

Combining local data from multiple series for export

Type demo

In amCharts 4 each series can have its own data (set via own data property). Such data will not be exported using exporting functionality. This demo shows how we can use export’s data adapter to combine local data from multiple series in export.