Type interface

Represents options for print.


IExportPrintOptions extends IExportImageOptions.

IExportPrintOptions is not extended by any other symbol.



Type number

A delay in milliseconds to wait before initiating print.

This delay is necessary to ensure DOM is prepared and repainted before print dialog kicks in.

@default 500


Type boolean

Set this option to disabled for a format to not show up in ExportMenu.

@since 4.9.11


Type boolean

Inherited from IExportImageOptions

Normally, Export removes "tainted" images (images that are loaded from other host than the chart itself) before export.

Set this to true to disable it.

Please note that removal of tainted images might trigger cross-origin security restrictions in browser and prevent the whole export operation, so use with caution.

@default false


Type "css" | "iframe"

Method to use for printing.

If one fails for your particular setup, try the other.

"css" - inserts dynamic CSS that hides everything, except the image being printed.

"iframe" - creates a dynamic <iframe> with the image, then prints it.

@default "iframe"


Type number

Inherited from IExportImageOptions

Quality of the exported image. (0-1)


Type number

Inherited from IExportImageOptions

Rescale image.

Number less than 1 will shrink the image.

Number bigger than 1 will scale up the image.

@default 1

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