Toggling stack type

Type demo

This demo shows how we can toggle stack types from absolute to 100% dynamically via external controls using chart API.

Totals on column stacks

Type tutorial

Building column stacks is easy: just set stackable = true on each column series. This tutorial will show how we can display automatic total value of the whole stack on top of it. Base chart Here’s a base chart we’re going to start with. It’s already got several ColumnSeries stacked. It also has “label bullets” […]

Stacked Axes

Type tutorial

This tutorial will introduce you to a powerful concept of “axis stacking”. What is it? amCharts 4 allows having multiple axes of any type. For example, you can have three series attached to three separate Value axes. In a traditional charts those value axes might be put either to left or right, but they will […]

Stacked column series with rounded corners

Type tutorial

This quick tutorial shows how you can inventively use adapters to apply custom formatting options to stacks of columns. The task Suppose, we have a stacked column chart. And want the top of the each stack to have rounded corners. Here’s our target chart, BTW: Rounding the corners One way to go about rounding the […]