Force the first and last labels on axis

Type demo

These two demos show how you can use events, axis ranges, and some setting combination to automatically force showing first and last labels on ValueAxisand DateAxis, even if they fall on non-equal increments, and maintain them across zooms. Chart with two ValueAxis Chart with a ValueAxis and a DateAxis

Donut with radial gradient

Type demo

Normally, Pie Chart supports radial gradients only. This demo shows a clever trick with events that modify linear gradient rotation, enabling use of this type of fill on slices.

Automatically resize label to fit donut inner radius

Type demo

The inner space of a donut chart is a place that can store some information. However, donut itself being sized relatively, might render that information not fitting. This demo shows how it’s possible to resize the label inside donut to always fit the inner radius.

Fixed ValueAxis scale

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use ValueAxis event “ready” to fix its scale (min and max values) on load so it does not change when chart is zoomed or scrolled.

Manipulating chart data

Type tutorial

Each chart type in amCharts family has a specific requirement for structure its data should come in. Mostly it comes in a form of an array of objects. However sometimes you don’t have control over format of source data. This tutorial will explore how we can pre-process data to reshape it into an amCharts-suitable form. […]

Custom external legend

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use some custom code executed on chart load to build completely custom but interactive HTML-based legend for our chart.

Show column tooltip on category hover

Type demo

This demo shows how we have use “over” and “out” events on axis labels as well as chart cursor’s triggerMove() method to trigger tooltips on columns of the hovered category label.