Using PDF export fonts

Type tutorial

Exporting a chart with related textual information to PDF will not work properly if you have a non-Latin language. This tutorial will show how to overcome this. The problem When exporting charts to PDF, the resulting document can contain not just image of chart snapshot, but also textual information, like title, data table, and virtually […]

Combining local data from multiple series for export

Type demo

In amCharts 4 each series can have its own data (set via own data property). Such data will not be exported using exporting functionality. This demo shows how we can use export’s data adapter to combine local data from multiple series in export.

Exporting MapChart data

Type tutorial

amCharts 4 exporting functionality can export not only visual representation of the chart, but also its data. However, for MapChart which does not have central or clear-cut data, it’s disabled by default. This tutorial will show how you can re-enable selective data export for your maps. Enabling data export Determining data source Before we go […]

Exporting data for visible series only

Type tutorial

Normally, using amCharts 4 data exporting functionality, the chart dumps all available source data. This short tutorial will show code which assures that only currently visible series data is exported. Limiting exported fields By default all source data (as set in chart’s data) is exported. We can control what fields are exported using export’s setting […]

Export menu in external container

Type tutorial

By default, the chart places its export menu in one of its corners. This tutorial will show how you can easily move it out of the chart and into any container on your page. The solution If you examine ExportMenu class, you’ll notice the property named container. By default it contains reference to the <div> […]

Adding extra info in exported PDF

Type tutorial

amCharts 4 comes pre-loaded with extensive chart export functionality. Besides ability to export chart to various image and data formats, it can also export to PDF documents. This tutorial will show, how you can easily tap into this process to include extra information, like text, tables, and even images, into exported PDF. The task By […]

Modifying chart for export

Type tutorial

Version 4.6.8 brought a new feature to chart exporting functionality: ability to modify chart appearance any way we want before export. For example we’d like to watermark exported charts with an attribution message. Or we want to add any additional titles or info. This tutorial will show how we can do it. The task Let’s […]

Replacing default export icon

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can easily replace the default … in export menu’s top level item with a custom image. Default behavior Export menu displays a button with a triple dot in it: Let’s change it to something else. Top-menu item The menu which is an object of type ExportMenu has a property […]

Generating multi-content PDF export

Type tutorial

This extensive tutorial will show how you can use pdfmake library, which is bundled with amCharts, to generate full page, multi-content report PDF documents. Disclaimer Majority of this tutorial is based on using pdfmake. It’s an excellent third party library enabling generating PDF documents in JavaScript. Our aim is to walk you through basics of […]

Automating report generation using Selenium Webdriver

Type tutorial

If you need to automate the generation of chart images or PDF, Selenium Webdriver might be the best option. It can handle different browsers even though this example only shows it using Firefox. Setting up Install NodeJS Install Firefox Create a folder Create a file called package.json in the new folder with the content shown […]