Toggling stack type

Type demo

This demo shows how we can toggle stack types from absolute to 100% dynamically via external controls using chart API.

Zooming axis via API / external scrollbar

Type tutorial

The XYChart can be zoomed using built-in scrollbar controls or with a chart cursor. This tutorial will show how you can zoom the chart programatically using its API. Zooming chart via API The zooming of a chart happens via zooming of a particular axis. Say we have a DateAxis as chart’s X axis. To zoom […]

Map polygon hover via API

Type tutorial

In most map setups, a polygon (country) will change color and show a tooltip with its name when hovered. This tutorial will show how you can “simulate” hover via API, without user actually interacting with the map. Base map Here’s what we are going to start with. The map below has already set up states […]

Pre-zooming Map to a list of countries

Type tutorial

In this tutorial we explained how you can pre-zoom your map to a specific country. This tutorial builds on it to produce an example that pre-zooms the map to several countries. One-country solution In the previous tutorial we have used Map series’ method getPolygonById(id) to extract a polygon object of a specific country by its […]

Highlighting column series on legend click

Type tutorial

During the course of this tutorial we’ll modify the functionality of the legend from toggling series on and off, to rather highlighting it. Base chart Here’s our base chart we’re going to be working with: It has a legend, which acts normally: toggles relative series on and off on click. We’ve also set up our […]

Toggling series via API

Type tutorial

Need to toggle series on and off via code? This short tutorial will show how. Hiding or showing Series in amCharts is a Sprite object. And just like any Sprite object, it can be toggled off by calling its hide() method, and shown back on by show(). That is it. You just call the respective […]

Generating multi-content PDF export

Type tutorial

This extensive tutorial will show how you can use pdfmake library, which is bundled with amCharts, to generate full page, multi-content report PDF documents. Disclaimer Majority of this tutorial is based on using pdfmake. It’s an excellent third party library enabling generating PDF documents in JavaScript. Our aim is to walk you through basics of […]

Custom static multi-value tooltip

Type tutorial

Its easy to consolidate a lot of data into a single tooltip that is displayed over Series using Cursor. We’ve covered it in this tutorial. But what if we don’t want a huge square following our cursor, and would rather display that info in a fixed place in the corner? Read on, as we show […]