Axis ranges in XYChartScrollbar

Type demo

Do you know that XYChartScrollbar is not some mystical new class, but rather a full fledged XYChart. This means that we can do with it anything we can do with a regular chart, including adding axis ranges. This demo does exactly that.

Customizing chart scrollbar

Type tutorial

Chart scrollbars come pre-configured with certain looks, in part influenced by used themes. This tutorial show how we can customize the looks of scrollbars. Test subject During the course of this tutorial we will be torturing a scrollbar of this chart: Customizing grips Let’s start by customizing the grips. Accessing grip objects Both of them […]

Disabling scrollbar grips

Type tutorial

This short tutorial will show how you can disable grip buttons on chart Scrollbar. Here’s a regular scrollbar: Scrollbar’s grips are accessible via its startGrip and endGrip properties. To disable them, simply use their disabled properties: chart.scrollbarX.startGrip.disabled = true;chart.scrollbarX.endGrip.disabled = true; chart.scrollbarX.startGrip.disabled = true;chart.scrollbarX.endGrip.disabled = true; { // … “scrollbarX”: { “type”: “Scrollbar”, “startGrip”: { […]

Setting minimal width of Scrollbar thumb

Type tutorial

This tutorial will explain how you can set minimal width/height of the chart Scrollbar’s “thumb” – draggable middle section. The problem OK, so you added a scrollbar (or a couple of) to your chart. This is great because it allows your users to zoom the chart as well as pan the selection. The thumb – […]

Setting position of the chart scrollbars

Type tutorial

Normally, scrollbars on an XY chart are placed on the top and right side. This tutorial will show how you can change their default position. Prerequisites This tutorial will refer to chart’s built-in containers a lot. Before you go further, make sure you read this: “Pre-defined chart containers”. Horizontal scrollbar Horizontal scrollbar is usually placed […]

Scrollbar-only XY Chart

Type tutorial

If you would like to use chart as a zoom control for your UI, you might want to display just chart’s scrollbar with a series preview in it, without showing the actual chart. This tutorial will show how. We’ll take a regular XY chart as an example. Add an XYChartScrollbar to it, as well as instruct […]