Show last value at the end of LineSeries

Type demo

This demo shows how we can make LineSeries show its last value using two approaches: as a label next to bullet, and as an axis range with a label. Using bullet label Using axis range

Ordering zIndex of series lines and bullets

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can control layout and ordering of LineSeries lines and their bullets. Intro Suppose we have a LineSeries with bullets. By default bullets are drawn on top of the actual lines. Now, suppose we have several LineSeries – each with its own bullets. Some of the lines intersect with lines […]

Plotting series from calculated values

Type tutorial

In XYChart we are used to plot series from the values that appear in data. This tutorial will show how we can plot from other auto-calculated values such as percent or change. Intro For an XYSeries to work – be it LineSeries, ColumnSeries, or some other type – we need to bind it to data. […]

Lighten fill color for each level of Force Directed Tree

Type tutorial

This short but useful tutorial will show how you can automatically make node fill color lighter with each subsequent level of a nodes with each subsequent level in a Force Directed Tree. The task By default, ForceDirectedSeries colors node with a solid color. Its direct descendants, as well as their descendants inherit same color throughout […]

Disabling XY series initial animations

Type tutorial

By default, when “animated” theme is enabled, all XY series will show initial animation, growing from zero to their absolute values. This tutorial will show how you can disable that effect, without interfering with the rest of the animations. Disabling Disabling this initial effect is easy: each series has a setting showOnInit. The “animated” theme […]

Individual thresholds for columns

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can use additional series to apply individual thresholds to columns in a ColumnSeries. The task Say we have a column chart and would like to apply individual threshold values for each column. Our data might look something like this: [{ “category”: “Research”, “value”: 450, “threshold”: 220}, { “category”: “Marketing”, […]

“3D” line series

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can easily create a “3D stack” effect on regular LineSeries. Base chart Let’s take this chart as an example: Bit of a mess. It would help, if we somehow would be able make each individual LineSeries stand out. Enabling 3D The first step is to go from regular XYChart […]

Using actual images in MapImageSeries

Type tutorial

In our main Map Chart article we have touched the topic of creating an image series, feeding them data, and positioning them. However, we were operating using plain, same shapes. This tutorial will show how we can use actual images as markers on the map. Using same image Explaining MapImageSeries in our Map Chart article, […]

Using percent values in series

Type tutorial

In our everyday charting we mainly use absolute values. However, sometimes we might need to show how specific value relates to other elements. In this case relative percent value is much more representative than absolute one. This tutorial will explain ways we can use such relative values. Intro Let’s start with a fairly simple stacked […]

Highlighting column series on legend click

Type tutorial

During the course of this tutorial we’ll modify the functionality of the legend from toggling series on and off, to rather highlighting it. Base chart Here’s our base chart we’re going to be working with: It has a legend, which acts normally: toggles relative series on and off on click. We’ve also set up our […]