Multiple cursor tooltips on scatter chart

Type tutorial

Normally, XYCursor, if added to a chart will try to show a tooltip for each series for the hovered date or category. This does not work for charts that have both X and Y axes as ValueAxis. This tutorial will show how we can fix that. The problem Say, we have an XYChart with three […]

Multi-series shared tooltip with colored bullets

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use an adapter for series’ tooltipText property, in-line text formatting, and cursor’s maxTooltipDistance to build a single universal tooltip that displays values from all series, complete with colored bullets. For more information, make sure you visit related tutorials for mentioned functionality: Adapters In-line string formatting Limiting number of series […]

Show column tooltip on category hover

Type demo

This demo shows how we have use “over” and “out” events on axis labels as well as chart cursor’s triggerMove() method to trigger tooltips on columns of the hovered category label.

Display tooltip on PieChart slice click

Type demo

Normally, tooltips on PieChart slices are shown when they are hovered by a cursor. This demo will show how we can disable this default behavior and only show tooltip when slice is tapped or clicked.