Combining local data from multiple series for export

Type demo

In amCharts 4 each series can have its own data (set via own data property). Such data will not be exported using exporting functionality. This demo shows how we can use export’s data adapter to combine local data from multiple series in export.

Exporting MapChart data

Type tutorial

amCharts 4 exporting functionality can export not only visual representation of the chart, but also its data. However, for MapChart which does not have central or clear-cut data, it’s disabled by default. This tutorial will show how you can re-enable selective data export for your maps. Enabling data export Determining data source Before we go […]

Variable link widths in ForceDirectedTree

Type tutorial

ForceDirectedTree is an exciting cool way to display relations between a number of entities. This tutorial will show how you can give those relations a quantitative value by applying custom width to each individual link. The task As mentioned in the preamble of this tutorial, all nodes on ForceDirectedTree are connected by links that are […]

Exporting data for visible series only

Type tutorial

Normally, using amCharts 4 data exporting functionality, the chart dumps all available source data. This short tutorial will show code which assures that only currently visible series data is exported. Limiting exported fields By default all source data (as set in chart’s data) is exported. We can control what fields are exported using export’s setting […]

Plotting series from calculated values

Type tutorial

In XYChart we are used to plot series from the values that appear in data. This tutorial will show how we can plot from other auto-calculated values such as percent or change. Intro For an XYSeries to work – be it LineSeries, ColumnSeries, or some other type – we need to bind it to data. […]

Lighten fill color for each level of Force Directed Tree

Type tutorial

This short but useful tutorial will show how you can automatically make node fill color lighter with each subsequent level of a nodes with each subsequent level in a Force Directed Tree. The task By default, ForceDirectedSeries colors node with a solid color. Its direct descendants, as well as their descendants inherit same color throughout […]

Making CurveChart labels follow axis angle

Type tutorial

CurveChart (or a TimeLine) is a new exciting chart product, allowing twisting and bending the charts into any custom shape. This tutorial will show how you can make labels of a curved axis follow its angle. Base chart Let’s start with a basic chart example we took from our “TimeLine Chart” article: The X axis […]