Using axis ranges to place labels at arbitrary values or dates

Type tutorial

Axes of various types follow their own logic when they choose where to place its grid and labels. However, sometimes you need to place those labels at precisely value X, or on date Y. That’s where axis ranges might come in handy, which is the focus of this tutorial. Prerequisites Just to refresh your memory […]

Fixed ValueAxis scale

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use ValueAxis event “ready” to fix its scale (min and max values) on load so it does not change when chart is zoomed or scrolled.

Simulating individual order of columns within categories

Type demo

This demo will show how you can simulate an order of columns from different ColumnSeries within each category. It uses the following things to achieve it: Each ColumnSeries has clustered = false set so that it always takes up the whole width of the “hidden” categories. Data is manipulated so that each category contains only […]

Axis labels at arbitrary values on GaugeChart

Type demo

Normally, an axis on a GaugeChart will place labels at convenient intervals – so they are not too crammed and not too sparse. It will depend on actual chart size. However, in some case you might want to place labels at exact values, no matter what. This demo will show how you can disable axis […]

Freeze horizontal axis

Type demo

This demo shows how horizontal axis can be placed into a different container so it remains static and visible when oversized chart is getting scrolled.