Dealing with PieChart labels that don’t fit

Type tutorial

We’ve all been there: creating a Pie chart with labels a tad too long to fit. This tutorial lists a few things you can do to work around it. The problem The PieChart does not measure and resize actual diagram based on the length and quantity of labels. It’s by design, because doing so would […]

Display tooltip on PieChart slice click

Type demo

Normally, tooltips on PieChart slices are shown when they are hovered by a cursor. This demo will show how we can disable this default behavior and only show tooltip when slice is tapped or clicked.

PieChart with too many slices

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If we are using Pie charts, once in a while we end up with one that has simply too many slices. This tutorial will look at some basic ways to make it less awkward. The problem Having a lot of slices on a single chart poses an obvious issue: the labels displayed for each chart […]

Activate/deactivate a pie slice on legend click instead of toggling

Type tutorial

Normally, when you click an item in PieChart’s legend, relative slice is hidden or revealed. This quick tutorial will show you how to make the slice activate/deactivate (pull out/in) instead. Setting up To make this work we’ll have to do two things: Disable regular toggling of the items. Add custom event that toggles isActive state […]

Disabling default hover and click effects on Pie Chart

Type tutorial

When you hover over a slice on a Pie Chart it slightly grows. When you click it, it pulls out a bit out of place. This tutorial will show how you can disable this default behavior. How it works? It is controlled by states. When you hover something, a “hover” state is applied to the […]

Sum label inside a donut chart

Type tutorial

The defining characteristic of each donut, including donut charts, is its hole. It’s a space that can be used for good. This tutorial will show how we can easily add some labels inside it to display complementing information, such as sum of values for all the slices. Adding a label Most of the elements in […]

Plugin: Slice Grouper

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can use SliceGrouper plugin (available since version 4.3.11) to automatically group small slices on Pie, Funnel, Pyramid, or Pictorial Stacked series into a single expandable “Other” slice. NOTE SliceGrouper is a plugin. For information about using plugins, refer to this article. Purpose “Percent” charts such as Pie, Funnel, Pyramid, […]

Clustered Pie Charts

Type tutorial

This short tutorial will show how we can leverage amCharts 4 containers and automated layouts to display multiple Pie charts in a single <div>. The challenge of multiple pie series When we have a simple Pie chart, it’s easy. We just create a chart and get a pie. But what if we have several series […]