amCharts 5 comes with a set of locales. This pages shows how to load and use them.

What is a locale?

Locale brings in various region-specific settings, such as text prompt translations, date and number formats, etc.


Each locale is located in a separate file in locales folder. The file name comprises the syntax of language code (lowercase) + region code (uppercase). E.g. to load U.S. English, we would use file en_US.

import am5locales_en_US from "@amcharts/amcharts5/locales/en_US";
<script src="//cdn.amcharts.com/lib/5/locales/en_US.js"></script>


To apply the locale to the chart, simply set locale property of the root element:

root.locale = am5locales_en_US;
root.locale = am5locales_en_US;

Creating translations

Please refer to our "Creating translations" tutorial for more info.

Using time zones

It's possible to force charts to use specific time zone when displaying time/date. For more information visit "Root element: Time zone" tutorial.

Right-to-left languages

For RTL options, check out "Right-to-left support" tutorial.

Translations in maps

Country names on map charts can automatically be translated to a selection of languages. Please refer to "Map translations" tutorial.