Getting data items within cursor selection

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how we can grab data items that fall within the selection of a cursor on a scatter (XYChart) chart. Setup Our chart setup will use a ValueAxis as its Y-axis, and a DateAxis for its X-axis, just so we can look at how we can extract selection boundaries for both types […]

Adaptive label colors on a Treemap

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use adapters to automatically color Treemap labels so they standout over node background. Related code Demo

Different bullet styling of grouped data items

Type tutorial

This tutorial shows how we can use data item object in a bullet function to determine whether it’s a grouped data item, or regular one, to apply different styling to the bullet. Related code To determine if data item is for a grouped data, we will take a look at its originals value. Data item […]

Creating custom indicators for a Stock Chart

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how we can create custom indicators for a stock chart. Indicator class To begin creating a custom indicator, we need to define a new class that extends a built-in Indicator class. Our class definition at the very least should contain three things: _afterNew() method – it is used to set everything […]

Handling bullet masking

Type tutorial

This tutorial is a collection of techniques that can be used to tackle various approaches to masking of bullets on an XY chart. Default behavior By default, an XY chart will contain all plots, including bullets within its plot area. This means that if bullets extent beyond plot area edge, they’ll be cut off. Unmasking […]