Consistent radius of outer circles of a Force-Directed Tree

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use adapters to make radius of node’s outer circle be consistent, regardless of the size of the node. To make that happen, all we need to do is to create adapters to fix outer circle’s scale at 1 as well as add fixed number of pixels to its radius:

Limit to single open branch in ForceDirectedSeries

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use setting-bound event to limit open branches in ForceDirectedSeries to one. The following code ensures that all open branches are collapsed, when another branch is expanded.

Disabling context menu on chart

Type tutorial

Normally, browsers will display a context menu when you press right mouse button over some element. If done over amCharts 5, it will display a context menu for a <canvas> element. This tutorial will show how you can disable default behavior of a right-click on canvas elements, as well as attach built-in rightclick event to […]