Sunburst chart with a legend including all nodes

Type demo

This demo shows how we can include all nodes from all levels of a Sunburst chart into its legend. Code The above code iterates through the whole hierarchy and pushes all data items from all nodes into legend’s data. Demo

Setting mouse pointer style

Type tutorial

This tutorial will show how we can change cursor style when hovering over some chart element. Setting cursor style We can use any element’s cursorOverStyle setting to specify which cursor to show when it is hovered by a mouse cursor. Available styles The following table lists a few of the most common cursor styles. For […]

Disabling context menu on chart

Type tutorial

Normally, browsers will display a context menu when you press right mouse button over some element. If done over amCharts 5, it will display a context menu for a <canvas> element. This tutorial will show how you can disable default behavior of a right-click on canvas elements, as well as attach built-in rightclick event to […]