Using bullets to apply styling to grid under series

Type demo

This demo shows how we can add a vertical Line element to a series bullet to show different styling of a grid under a LineSeries. Code In the following code we create a Container element in a bullet, then add a Circle and a Line element to it. Example

Using axis ranges to highlight weekends

Type tutorial

Axis ranges is a good way to highlight specific places or stretches along an axis. This tutorial will show how we can create code to automatically create axis ranges to highlight weekends on a DateAxis. The task Say, we have a chart that shows line series along a date-based axis. To make our user understand […]

Column labels as categories

Type tutorial

This tutorial will explain how individual column labels (bullets) can be used as Category axis labels. The task During the course of this tutorial, we are going to give a fairly basic clustered column chart a makeup. Let’s do this step by step. Moving categories up First task is to move those year categories up […]

Solving overlapping bullets

Type tutorial

This short tutorial shows a couple of ways to solve the situations where multiple series can have label bullets shown, and thus may overlap with each other. Repositioning with an adapter We can use an adapter, to dynamically check for overlap with other bullets, and change bullet’s centerY setting, so it is either moved down […]