Handling long category axis labels

Type tutorial

This tutorial looks at ways on how to handle situations where labels of a CategoryAxis are too long to comfortably fit. Wrapping or truncating This sections shows how we can use an event and oversizeBehavior on axis labels, to make them auto-wrap automatically. The above code uses axis’ event of cellWidth (which reports whenever cell width is changed) […]

Selectively displaying pie chart labels inside or outside slices

Type tutorial

This demo shows how we can use an adapter on pie chart’s labels to automatically determine how it is displayed: inside or outside the slice. Code Example Here’s a simple example: Another example, which aligns outside labels into a column:

Left-aligning vertical axis labels

Type tutorial

Normally, the labels of the vertical left-side axis are right aligned. This demo will show how we can easily make them left-aligned instead. Code To make labels left-aligned, it’s enough to just override their horizontal center to their left: Demo

Location of items on date axis and date-based series

Type tutorial

This combined tutorial examines at possible positioning of axis elements like grid, labels, and ticks as well as series data items in an XY chart scenario with a date axis and date-based data. Intro Location of axis elements (grid, labels, ticks) is determined by location and multiLocation settings. For a simplified explanation about those, visit […]

Aligning axis range labels

Type tutorial

Labels of an axis range are shown on the axis itself by default. This demo shows how we can put them on the opposite side of the plot area, or within it. Labels on opposite side To achieve the required result, we’ll need these steps: The code: The demo: Labels inside plot area We can […]

Auto-wrapping category axis labels

Type demo

This demo shows how we can use an adapter and oversizeBehavior on labels of a category axis, to make the auto-wrap automatically. The code Here’s the relevant code section: Example Related info Category axis docs Handling oversized labels Using adapters