Totals on clustered column stacks

Type demo

This demo shows how we can dynamically calculate totals of columns in a multi-stack scenario in a bullet function. For non-clustered column stacks, there’s an easier way. Refer to “Totals on column stacks” tutorial.

Individual legend item for each column in series

Type demo

This demo shows how we can create a legend to display individual items for each column in a column series, as well as trigger hovers. Relevant code As per legend data item docs, we are using series’ dataItems list to feed the legend data, which produces an item for each column. Additionally, we are adding […]

Totals on column stacks

Type tutorial

This tutorial will explain how we can place an automatically-calculated total on a stack of columns. Preparing value axis Normally, the chart would not calculate totals, saving CPU for us. We need to enable it by setting calculateTotals: true on our value axis: Adding a label bullet To place labels on or in a column, […]

Triggering bullet hover effects with chart cursor

Type demo

These are two demos that show how we can use chart cursor’s cursormoved event to trigger hover effects on multiple series’ bullets. Changing appearance of bullets This will make bullets grow larger on the category currently hovered by chart cursor. Showing on hover only In this demo, the bullets will be hidden except on the […]